Pecos Hank serves up ‘El Reno Blues’ with some Tex-Mex flavor

Pecos Hank‘El Reno Blues’
Pecos Hank (Splice)
3.5 stars out of 5

Hank Schyma is a really fascinating dude. He spent 15 years in rootsy Texas outfit Southern Backtones and has adopted the Pecos Hank moniker for solo release “El Reno Blues.” When he’s not making music, however, Schyma spends time wrestling tornadoes as a renowned storm chaser who has made appearances on The Discovery Channel and The Weather Channel.

“Hank is part animal, part bad-ass musician,” says Shaun Brennan of Schyma’s label Splice Records. “He understands nature and has instincts that are not typical in humans. This comes out in his songwriting and his music. He is authentic in his approach and it’s obvious it’s not calculated. I have never met a person that is more in the moment than him — on and off the stage.”

There’s a Tex-Mex flavor woven throughout the 10-track, 39-minute “El Reno Blues.” Pecos Hank shines brightest on standout cuts like “Drive Under the Moon,” “Sinful Refrain” (with Emily Bell), “Help a Good Guy Go Bad,” the title track. “How Did You Get to Be So Mean” and closer “March of the Serpents and the Madonna’s Unending Love for a Dying Child.” This is some good stuff, y’all. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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