Beach House’s ‘Depression Cherry’ ranks among their best

Beach House‘Depression Cherry’
Beach House (Sub Pop)
4 stars out of 5

Beach House have covered a lot of ground and built quite the audience for themselves the past 11 years. There’s good reason for that. The band’s music is dreamy and enveloping, and their sound just lures you in, making you a captive to their haze.

Beach House cover“Depression Cherry,” the band’s fifth, is the one that keeps you at arm’s length, but it also turns out to be as satisfying as anything in their catalog once you’re allowed inside its walls.

Victoria Legrand, one of the most alluring vocalists in all of music, and her creative partner Alex Scally hits all the right sounds and tempos on smeary opener “Levitation”; great first single “Sparks”; aptly named “Space Song”; and intoxicating “Days of Candy.” Beach House’s majesty cannot be questioned, and on “Depression Cherry,” they engulf you with the same mysterious smoke that inspires them. (Brian Krasman)


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