Angel Deradoorian spreads wings on ‘The Expanding Flower Planet’

Deradoorian‘The Expanding Flower Planet’
Angel Deradoorian (Anticon)
3.5 stars out of 5

Angel Deradoorian already made a nice impression on her debut EP “Mind Raft” (way back in 2009), and now on her first full-length “The Expanding Flower Planet,” she expands her grasp all over the world. Literally.

Deradoorian coverThe sounds on this 10-track record feel like they span the globe as far as influences go, but Deradoorian (a former member of The Dirty Projectors) also keeps her mind-altering magic as immersive as ever.

She presents a record that might be a grower for some but certainly will reward any listener for his/her patience on the trance-inducing and strange title cut; the psychedelic art pop of “Violet Minded”; the dangerously breezy “Komodo” where she warns, “Run for the hills, don’t close your eyes”; and the soft ’70s folk and woodwind-pushed “Grow.” Deradoorian’s potential seems limitless, as does her grasp of sounds that move her. (Brian Krasman)


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