Ferrill Gibbs shines bright on ‘Insurmountable Things’ EP

Ferrill‘Insurmountable Things’
Ferrill Gibbs (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

In reviewing his sophomore full-length album “Significant Trees” last summer, I remarked that singer/songwriter Ferrill Gibbs had come “tantalizingly close to making a remarkable album.” There was so much to like about the 12-track release that I was eager to discover just what Gibbs would come up with the next time out.

Ferrill CDHe wasted precious little time getting back in the studio to record five-track EP “Insurmountable Things.” Gibbs drew inspiration from novelist Rene Daumal and poet Robert Frost in putting together the literate 22-minute short-player. “Insurmountable Things” proves to be a killer showcase for his fantastic songwriting and emotive tenor voice … and should broaden his fan base considerably.

Things get off to a bit of a slow start with “Onward,” but Gibbs soon hits his stride with the Frost-inspired “Fire and Ice” and Daumal-inspired “A Night of Serious Drinking.” The title track is another winner — my favorite track on the entire EP, in fact — and he brings things to a close with solid entry “We the Listening.” This guy needs to be on your radar from this point on. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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