Russian producer Monokle serves up electronic LP ‘Rings’

Monokle (Ki)
3 stars out of 5

Russian producer Vlad Kudryavtsev goes by the stage moniker Monokle and is looking to make a name for himself on the electronic music scene. Monokle earned kudos for 2012 full-length debut “Saints” and Kudryavtsev has expanded his sonic palette on sophomore long-player “Rings.”

Monokle CDWhile I don’t claim to be an expert in — or even a fan of — electronic music, Monokle manage to maintain my interest through much of the 11-track, 46-minute slab. Kudryavtsev is a talented producer and he’s wisely enlisted help from his pals to keep “Rings” fresh. Milinal adds vocals to a pair of the better tracks here in “Calypt” and “Radiant Pieces,” while Gala Ga (of Moscow-based band Aanbreken) contributes vocals to “Blew.”

Less effective, in my opinion, are the overly ambient tracks. I found my attention waning during tunes like “Umbriel,” “Neon Sign” and “Borealis,” preventing “Rings” from being an unqualified success. Despite a few flaws, Monokle is someone to keep an eye on. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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