Crow and The Canyon impress on their ‘Leaving Soon’ debut album

Crow‘Leaving Soon’
Crow and the Canyon (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

There’s a new player on the indie folk/roots rock scene in Portland-based four-piece Crow and The Canyon. The band has been together less than two years but they come across as a well-oiled, twangy machine on outstanding full-length debut album “Leaving Soon.”

Crow CDThe chemistry displayed by Ben Larsen (vocals/guitar/mandolin), Leigh Jones (vocals), Austin Quattlebaum (vocals/banjo) and Miles Berry (upright bass) normally takes years to develop, but Crow and The Canyon found their groove much more quickly than expected.

“I feel like our story is a very ‘Portland’ story” Jones explains. “None of us knew each other beforehand, but Austin, Miles and I all independently moves here within a month of each other with the intention of finding people to play music with. It didn’t take long to find each other.”

After performing countless shows throughout the Pacific Northwest, Crow and The Canyon are poised to expand their fan base with this delightful 10-track release. “Waterfalls” and “Brooklyn to Milwaukee” set the tone, and the band also saors on “Wilmington,” “Wine and Whiskey,” “Golden Chains” and “We Give.” I see a bright future for this talented young outfit. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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