Family of the Year rise to the occasion with self-titled LP

Family Of The Year‘Family of the Year’
Family of the Year (Nettwerk)
4 stars out of 5

Los Angeles-based indie pop foursome Family of the Year enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2012. They released a pair of first-rate records in the “St. Croix” EP and “Loma Vista” full-length that cemented their status as a band with legitimate chops. The terrific tune “Hero” became a YouTube and Spotify sensation and eventually was featured in last year’s Oscar-winning film “Boyhood.” So what would Family of the Year come up with for an encore?

Family Of The Year CDSimply put, the band has crafted another breathtakingly enjoyable album. Joe Keefe (vocals, guitar), Sebastian Keefe (drums, vocals), James Buckey (guitar, vocals) and Christina Schroeter (keyboards, vocals) have outdone themselves with this self-titled gem.

“With the success of ‘Hero,’ we knew more people were going to hear the new album,” Joe Keefe says. “We were all about moving forward and making something new. We didn’t try to make a reactionary record or try to recreate anything we’d done in the past. We went into the studio and recorded songs that were dear to us and pushed ourselves to make something that we love.”

Filled with infectious melodies and pitch-perfect harmonies, the 10-track, 36-minute release is a delight from beginning to end. Dynamite lead single “Make You Mine” launches the proceedings and Family of the Year also shine bright on “Facepaint,” “May I Miss You,” “Blue Jean Girl” and “Hey Kid.” Kudos to the band for rising to the occasion. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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