The Jet Age have something to say on ‘Destroy. Rebuild’ release

The Jet Age‘Destroy. Rebuild’
The Jet Age (Sonic Boomerang)
3.5 stars out of 5

The Jet Age have never lacked for ambition. The Washington, D.C.-based indie rock trio have a pair of high-minded (and well-received) concept albums to their credit in 2007’s “What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?” and 2009’s “In Love,” but have taken a different approach with latest platter “Destroy. Rebuild.”

The Jet Age CD“I felt like on previous Jet Age records, I was increasingly distracted by the desire to write ‘types’ of songs and maybe, after a string of ‘rock operas,’ I was shortchanging the emotional core of the songwriting with all these intellectual exercises,” says frontman Eric Tischler.

The 11 songs on “Destroy. Rebuild” were written during a period of upheaval (riots in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, Eric Garner’s death at the hands of police). The record gives Tischler and the band a chance to rant about these injustices and seek silver linings amidst the dark clouds.

“The flip side of all this depressing crap,” Tischler notes, “is that it’s really renewed my appreciation for the ways in which my wife and kids provide a port in the storm.”

The Jet Age don’t pull any punches here, and are especially effective on standout cuts “Don’t Turn Around,” “I Wrote You This Song,” “It Always Starts With a Bang,” “Who Will I Sing This Song For?”, “I Can’t Breathe” and “Epilogue.” This is a talented band with something to say. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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