The Paper Kites return with solid sophomore album ‘twelvefour’

The Paper Kites‘twelvefour’
The Paper Kites (Nettwerk)
3.5 stars out of 5

Australian indie collective The Paper Kites introduced themselves to American audiences in the summer of 2013 when they released their first two EPs as an 11-track boxed set. They continued with the earthy melodies and pitch-perfect harmonies on debut full-length “States,” a terrific album that I still revisit on a regular basis. I’ve been waiting for more music from the quintet ever since and at last they are back with sophomore long-player “twelvefour.”

The Paper Kites CDIt’s a concept album exploring the theory that an artist’s creative peak is between midnight and 4 a.m. For two long months, frontman Sam Bentley reversed his sleep patterns to write during those hours. When he was done, he had 30 songs and the best 10 made the cut on “twelvefour.” “I got to the end and thought, I’m never doing that again,” Bentley jokes.

Keepers here include “Electric Indigo,” “Bleed Confusion,” “Revelator Eyes,” “I’m Lying to You Cause I’m Lost,” “Woke Up From a Dream” and “Turns Within Me, Turns Without Me.” “Twelvefour” is a rock-solid album and even if it falls a notch below the sublime “States,” certainly merits some attention. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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