‘Division of Spoils’: Plenty of punk rarities from The Flatliners

theflatliners-1372249738‘Division of Spoils’
The Flatliners (Fat Wreck Chords)
3.5 stars out of 5

Canadian collective The Flatliners have been serving up high-octane punk rock for more than a decade, with four full-lengths and a handful of EPs to their credit. As with most prolific bands, there are assorted musical odds and ends that have slipped through the cracks over the years and The Flatliners are looking to remedy that with “Division of Spoils.”

The Flatliners CDThis sprawling 23-track, 69-minute slab features B-sides, rarities and four previously unreleased tunes that span the history of the band. Fans should revel in this gathering of songs, many of which are good enough to have landed on 2005’s “Destroy to Create,” 2007’s “The Great Awake,” 2010’s “Cavalcade” and 2013’s “Dead Language.”

Don’t look for any ballads here, as The Flatliners barrel their way through an impressive series of energetic cuts. Among the highlights are “Broken Men,” “Cut Your Teeth,” “This Song Is Like Thunder and Lightning in a Wide Open Field,” “Wynford Bridge,” “407,” “Run Like Hell,” “Hot Trouble,” “Southwards” and “Get Out of My Face.” Rock on, fellas. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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