Aussie outfit Enola Fall deliver rock-solid ‘Heliotropic’ release

Enola Fall‘Heliotropic’
Enola Fall (Creative Vibes)
3.5 stars out of 5

Though casual music fans on our shores might not be familiar with the infectious Australian indie pop/rock outfit Enola Fall, the Joe Nuttall-fronted project has been making quality music for more than a decade. Nuttall handles everything in the studio and is joined by Mark Woodward, Tristan Barnes, Lochie James and Paul Doyle when Enola Fall perform live.

Enola Fall CDLatest album “Heliotropic” finds Tasmania native Nuttall at the top of his games. There’s no filler on the efficient eight-track, 28-minute platter, with Enola Fall weaving their catchy sonic spell from the outset. Many of the tunes find Nuttall searching for moments of happiness in the midst of darkness.

:When you talk to counselors or psychologists, they often say that one of the best techniques to use when dealing with severe depression is to figure out what makes you happy and focus exclusively on that,’ he says. “It occurred to me that everyone is already doing that. We’re all just trying to chase those little bits of sunshine.”

Things get off to a so-so start with “Unloveable,” but Enola Fall hit their stride with keepers “Stab On,” “Dirigibles,” “Lions,” “Pilot Light” and the album-closing title track. If you haven’t yet discovered this talented band, here’s a great chance to change that. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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