Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller serve up ‘Deep End Sessions: Volume II’

Jesse & Emily‘Deep End Sessions: Volume II’
Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller (Deep End Sessions)
4 stars out of 5

Appalachian roots music champions Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller have spent the past decade as key members of The Sweetback Sisters. They brought their talents to The Deep End Ranch in Southern California earlier this year for a house concert and stuck around to record a series of traditional tunes that eventually became “Deep End Sessions: Volume II.”

Jesse & Emily CD“I spent a lot of time going to square dances and Old Time music festivals with my parents when I was a kid,” Milnes explains. “It seemed like every adult I knew played music, so I always imagined I would play music someday.”

Milnes and Miller weave their sonic spell over the course of 44 enjoyable minutes, with 17 twangy gems. Among the highlights of “Deep End Sessions” are “Fun’s All Over,” “Come All You Roving Gamblers,” “Fine Times at Our House,” “I Got Lucky With You,” “Undone in Sorrow,” “No Corn on Tygart” and “Hungry Faint and Poor.” Enjoy, y’all. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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