Anton Fig’s ‘Figments’ debut gets overdue widespread release

Anton Fig‘Figments’
Anton Fig (Planula)
3.5 stars out of 5

After almost 30 years as the house drummer for David Letterman’s late-night shows — and even longer as an in-demand session player — it should come as no surprise that Anton Fig has assembled a deep roster of famous and talented musical friends. He enlists the support of dozens of them for his debut solo album “Figments.”

Anton Fig CDOriginally issued as a limited-edition vinyl pressing in 2002, the 13-track release finally gets a widespread release. “At a certain point, I looked back and realized that I had accumulated all these songs,” Fig explains. “So I decided that it was time to realize them by matching each song with the right musicians and singers, with my drumming and production as the through-line.”

His roster of guests include Brian Wilson (“Hand on My Shoulder”), Ivan Neville (“Inside Out”), the late Richie havens (“More Than Friends”), Sebastian Bach and Ace Frehley (“Know Where You Go”) and Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer (“Utopia”). Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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