Brave Baby take huge leap forward with ‘Electric Friends’

Brave Baby‘Electric Friends’
Brave Baby (Hearts and Plugs)
3.5 stars out of 5

It’s been a busy couple of years for up-and-coming indie outfit Brave Baby. The South Carolina-based quintet opened some eyes with their 2012 “Forty Bells” debut and they’ve honed their sound with relentless touring ever since. The lads look to take another step up the career ladder with the release of sophomore full-length “Electric Friends.”

BBALBUM“With (the new album), our goal was to further explore in ways we didn’t with ‘Forty Bells,’” singer Keon Masters explains. “From the psychedelic to the incredibly sober corners of our minds and emotions. The last record was a lot of ‘what do we want to sound like?’ With this one, it was very much. ‘this is what we sound like, now let it spill.”

You’ll need to exercise a bit of patience with “Electric Friends.” The 11-track, 40-minute set gets off to a slow start with “Daisy Child” but Brave Baby soon hit their stride. Along the way are a series of keepers in “Octopus J.,” “Atlantean Dreams,” the title track, “Larry on the Weekend” and “Call It.” If they continue to mature and evolve, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Brave Baby deliver a truly special album at some point. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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