All Walls show great promise on self-titled debut release

All Walls‘All Walls’
All Walls (Silver Side)
3.5 stars out of 5

If every song on the self-titled debut album from All Walls was as good as lead single “The Spider,” I’d be considering Keith Waggoner and Samson Crouppen for my a spot on my year-end list of favorite albums. Unfortunately the rest of the record can’t match that level of awesomeness, but I encourage you all to keep an eye on this band.

All Walls CDAll Walls is a side project for the two members of Los Angeles-based collective Holy Folk and they’ve enlisted help from their friends on the efficient 10-track, 27-minute release. Icelandic singer/songwriter Greta steps into the spotlight with lead vocals on “The Spider.”

“Stylistically, I was going for something dark and minimal, weighted heavily by the rhythm section to allow the vocal to take center stage” Waggoner says of the sultry tune. “Almost like she is telling you a secret.”

Additional standouts include “Once They’re Gone” (with guest vocalist Jimmy Sweet), “The End of a Long Walk” and “All Night Smoke Machine.” Here’s hoping that Waggoner and Crouppen continue to find time for this excellent side project. (Jeffrey Sisk)


One thought on “All Walls show great promise on self-titled debut release

  1. The song Tracks from this album deserves recognition!!

    Sometimes it may feel safe being concealed within a group but its like how they said Bob Dylan has this ability to be “hiding in plain sight”. I feel the same would be true for the individual who did this song. He would be better off on his own like Dylan, just him and his acoustic guitar. I think that path would suit him and serve him well. Something that secures us can also be the thing that confines us and holds us back.

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