Versatile Brit Daniel Pearson scores with ‘Alone, Together’

Daniel Pearson‘Alone, Together’
Daniel Pearson (Saint in the City)
3.5 stars out of 5

British singer/songwriter Daniel Pearson has shown remarkable versatility over the course of just three solo albums. His 2011 “Satellites” debut earned kudos for its pop-leaning Americana tunes and Pearson dabbled in bleak folk ballads and electric blues on sophomore slab “Mercury State” two years later. He’s switched things up again for album No. 3, “Alone, Together” by introducing lush orchestral sounds and taking more of a DIY approach in the studio.

Daniel Pearson CDThat ability to change directions has earned Pearson comparisons to the likes of R.E.M., Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Damien Rice. Now he’s hoping the acclaim from critics and his peers will translate into an increased profile from the American public. The nine tracks on “Alone, Together” reflect the ups and downs of his life the past two years. He got married and celebrated the birth of his first child, but also battled a rare and deadly form of eye cancer.

The opening tandem of “Hymn for the Hopeless” and “The Bridge” set the tone for the 40-minute platter, and Pearson also soars on “I Still Believe,” “The Open Sea,” “War Stories” and “Come Back Around.” This record merits some attention, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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