My Dead Air stay relaxed on ‘The Thief Who Knows My Name’

My Dead Air‘The Thief Who Knows My Name’
My Dead Air (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

Brothers Dan and Josh Ballard cut their teeth in pop/rock outfit Until June. With Dan on guitar and josh on piano/vocals, Until June never managed to generate as much buzz stateside as overseas, where they eventually scored a No. 1 hit single. Dan started My Dead Air as a side project, but it has developed into his main musical outlet.

My Dead Air CD“The Thief Who Knows My Name” marks the full-length debut for My Dead Air. The 10-track release was written, recorded and produced by Ballard and there’s a relentlessly mellow vibe running throughout the 34-minute platter.

“I wanted to create a record I would sit down and listen to,” Ballard explains. “Something that was great in the foreground but also in the background. A record that provokes a mood or vibe that is relaxing.”

That relaxed vibe ultimately prevents “The Thief Who Knows My Name” from being an essential addition to your collection. There are some terrific moments to be found here — opener “Holding On,” “Reckless With Your Memories” and “Blonde Hair Black Coat” — but I’d have liked My Dead Air to mix things up a little bit more. Still, this is a record that merits a few spins. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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