La Luz return with so-so sophomore set ‘Weirdo Shrine’

La Luz‘Weirdo Shrine’
La Luz (Hardly Art)
3 stars out of 5

Having thoroughly enjoyed their 2012 EP “Damp Face” and absolutely loved 2013’s “It’s Alive” full-length debut, I had sky-high hopes for the latest album from Seattle-based female foursome La Luz. Unfortunately, I think that perhaps my expectations were a tad unrealistic.

La Luz CDSophomore platter “Weirdo Shrine” isn’t a bad album by any stretch of the imagination — in fact, parts of the 11-track, 32-minute release are quite good — but it just doesn’t pack the same wallop. Vocal harmonies dominate the proceedings, with La Luz most effective on keepers “Sleep Till They Die,” “Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere,’ “I Wanna Be Alone (With You)” and “True Love Knows.”

Shana Cleveland, Marian Li-Pino, Alice Sandahl and new bassist Lena Simon continue to mix elements of girl-group, surf, garage and indie rock into a tasty sonic stew. With such a solid foundation in place, I remain confident that La Luz have another truly special album in them. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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