Veteran musician Craig Marshall serves up delightful ‘After All’ LP

Craig Marshall‘After All’
Craig Marshall (Big Ticket)
3.5 stars out of 5

Though he has never become a household name, Texas-based singer/songwriter Craig Marshall has consistently delivered quality records for the better part of 15 years. Latest platter “After All,” his sixth studio effort, is an enjoyable collection of country-folk tunes that helps showcase Marshall’s gift for first-rate storytelling.

Craig Marshall CD“I’ve returned to the song-driven music that I was playing when I first moved to Austin,” Marshall explains. “Writing timeless songs has always been the goal, but starting with the last album, and even more on ‘After All,’ I seem to be able to connect with listeners in a much more visceral way, and I’m finding people reacting and commenting on my lyrics in a new way, too.”

There’s a Bakersfield country vibe to standout cuts like the title track and “The Only Sound,” and Marshall also delivers the goods on keepers “Something on Your Mind,” “It’ll Be Someday,” “I Can’t Begin to Know” and “Back for More.” “After All” is another rock-solid effort from a consummate professional. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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