Dan Miraldi’s recent hot streak continues with terrific new album ‘Chaos, Destruction & Dancing’

Dan Miraldi‘Chaos, Destruction & Dancing’
Dan Miraldi (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Dan Miraldi first caught my attention in 2011 with the release of his sublime “Rock N Roll Band!” EP and the Cleveland native has been on my radar ever since. A prolific artist, Miraldi released standout full-length “Sugar & Adrenaline” in 2012 and a pair of EPs (“Freewheelin’” and “Devil at Our Heels”) in 2013. As good as his earlier recordings are, latest project “Chaos, Destruction & Dancing” may well be Miraldi’s best work to date.

Dan Miraldi CD“It was recorded during a period of transition,” Miraldi says of the new full-length. “I was leaving my beloved home of Cleveland to come to New York City. Some relationships were falling apart as new ones were born, but the music kept me centered and as always, the party continues.”

“Chaos, Destruction & Dancing” is a consistently entertaining collection of 10 indie pop tunes that shine the spotlight on Miraldi abilities as both a writer and a singer. The opening tandem of “Demon Baby” and “Junkie Friend” get things off to a strong start and he later scores with “Journey Through the Past,” “If You See Her Please Lie,” “I Gotta Figure Out How” and dynamite closer “Put Your Pistols Away.” If you haven’t already, it’s high time you got to know the music of this talented performer. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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