Blackheart Honeymoon soar on their ‘Mountains Speak’ debut

Blackheart‘Mountains Speak’
Blackheart Honeymoon (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

A couple years ago, the sky appeared to be the limit for Blackheart Honeymoon. The rootsy rock outfit formed by childhood pals Ian Prebo and Wesley Amundsen generated some buzz with a 2013 EP and seemed poised for bigger and better things. That’s when half the band quit to pursue other interests, leaving Prebo (vocals/guitar), Amundsen (upright bass) and Steve Andrea (guitar) to regroup. Newcomers Adrienne Marie (vocals/keyboards) and Dusty Hayes (drums/vocals) soon joined the band and things, happily, are back on track for Blackheart Honeymoon.

Blackheart CDFine-tuning their sound in and around Seattle, Blackheart Honeymoon are better than ever on terrific debut full-length “Mountains Speak.” They’ve earned comparisons to the likes of Wilco, Ryan Adams and The New Pornographers — that’s some pretty impressive company — and after repeated spins of the 12-track release, it’s easy to see why.

Without question, the set-opening title track is the best song of the bunch. The remaining tunes are good, don’t get me wrong, but they don’tquite measure up. That said, make sure to check out keepers “Erskine Proxy,” “Can’t & Won’t,” “Love It All” and “We All Must Sometimes Stand Naked.” I can’t wait to hear more from this talented quintet. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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