Titus Andronicus score with ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’

Titus Andronicus‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’
Titus Andronicus (Merge)
4 stars out of 5

“Ambitious” is a great way to describe Titus Andronicus. “Rowdy” and “unhinged” work as well. But let’s ignore those for a while. This band’s ambition is pushed to new heights on their new, fourth album “The Most Lamentable Tragedy,” a 29-track, 93-minute rock opera that strikes somewhere between fellow statesman Springsteen, the Clash, and cinematic legends The Who.

Titus Andronicus coverGoing through all 29 songs in a small space is silly, but let’s just say this presentation about a man meeting his doppelgänger and trying to deal with the aftermath is a barn-burning, rousing, inspired collection that never relents.

And here’s the other thing about this album: When you think this is too many songs and too long a running time, you suddenly find yourself on the end of thing wondering where
time went. Your fists will pump, you’ll want to wail along with every raspy word, and you’ll realize you stumbled upon storytelling not often pulled off this well in 2015. (Brian Krasman)


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