Salim Nourallah shines bright on latest LP ‘Skeleton Closet’

Salim‘Skeleton Closet’
Salim Nourallah (HIT)
3.5 stars out of 5

Texas native Salim Nourallah has been making quality records since the turn of the millennium — first with sibling Faris Nourallah as Nourallah Brothers and in power-pop outfit Happiness Factor, and later as a talented (if under-appreciated) solo artist.

Salim CDMy first exposure to Nourallah came with 2009 “Constellation” and my appreciation for his music was cemented with sublime 2012 offering “Hit Parade.” Latest platter “Skeleton Closet” isn’t quite on par with its predecessor (which, admittedly, would be pretty hard to top) but is a worthy addition to Nourallah’s discography.

Opener “Dead Man’s Stare” is terrific and, after spinning his wheels a bit with so-so entries “This Town” and “The Bullies Are Back,” Nourallah rights the ship. Keepers abound down the stretch of the 12-track, 40 minute record — including “Andalucia in the Spring,” “Two Weeks,” “Two Lizards” and set closer “Prisoner.” It’s a shame that Nourallah has never become a bigger star because his music deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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