Langhorne Slim soars to new heights on ‘The Spirit Moves’

Langhorne Slim‘The Spirit Moves’
Langhorne Slim & The Law (Dualtone)
4.5 stars out of 5

I was absolutely blown away the first time I spun the 2008 self-titled album from Philadelphia native Langhorne Slim. It was his sophomore release and I couldn’t get enough of his folk-leaning indie rock. Even now, some seven years and thousands of album reviews later, it’s a record I revisit every couple of months.

Langhorne Slim CDNeedless to say I’ve been a fan ever since and have enjoyed subsequent releases “Be Set Free” (2009) and “The Way We Move” (2012), and even tracked down a copy of 2004 EP “The Electric Love Letter” and 2005 full-length debut “When the Sun’s Gone Down.” All are excellent, though that 2008 effort has remained my favorite Slim offering.

Latest effort “The Spirit Moves” is forcing me to reassess. It’s no worse than his second-best release (and that’s saying something for such a talented guy) and every time I spin it, I find something else to love about Slim’s most personal and introspective record to date.

“I’m a strong believer that sensitivity and vulnerability are not weaknesses,” the newly clean and sober Slim explains. “They’re some of the greatest strengths of man and woman kind. And that’s what a lot of the record is about. By opening myself, I’m vulnerable and I’m fearful, but I start to get real. And in that realness, there is immense strength that I wish for everybody.”

The title track is the perfect lid lifter for the 12-track, 38-minute release as Langhorne Slim & The Law set the tone for the entire record. There’s isn’t a bad song to be found here, but Slim shines brightest on “Put It Together,” “Strangers,” “Life’s a Bell,” “Wolves,” “Bring You My Love,” “Southern Bells” and “Meet Again.” If you have yet to discover Langhorne Slim, here’s a perfect opportunity to remedy that. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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