Pete Berwick delivers the grit on ‘The Legend of Tyler Doohan

Pete Berwick‘The Legend of Tyler Doohan’
Pete Berwick (Little Class)
4 stars out of 5

Over the course of a career that spans some 35 years, Pete Berwick has earned the respect of his peers as one of the pioneers of the cowpunk movement. In addition to the five albums he’s recorded — including terrific new slab “The Legend of Tyler Doohan” — Berwick has written and published four novels. Oh, and in his spare time Berwick is an amateur boxer. Seriously.

Pete Berwick CDWith his gritty voice and evocative songwriting, the Nashville Songwriter’s Association has called Berwick “one of the last of the hardcore troubadours.” At this point in his career, Berwick revels in his outsider status and his abiity to make “music other than the commercial mainstream that continues to pollute the ears of the misguided masses.”

“The Legend of Tyler Doohan” ranks among Berwick’s stronger entries. The 13-track, 41-minute release gets off to a tremendous start with the title track and the splendid “The Proof Is in the Whiskey,” and Berwick later shines on “Checkout Time,” “Let Your Heart Cry Out,” “Keep Your Socks On and Don’t Look,” “See You in Hell” and “Everything’s Waiting.” Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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