Dioni showcases her vocal prowess on self-titled EP release

Dioni (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Soulful Australian vocalist Dioni has made a name for herself Down Under as co-founder/lyricist/vocalist for Astyplatz. Though she remains a member of the group, Dioni branches out on her own with this self-titled EP. It’s a sultry collection of six tunes that could have been recorded a half century (or more) ago.

The centerpiece of the record is Dioni’s cover of the Chet Forrest/Bob Wright classic “It’s Blue World,” a tune that was nominated for an Oscar in 1940 after being performed by Tony Martin in “The Music of My Heart.” All-time greats Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra also recorded versions of the tune.

Dioni’s version is flat-out fantastic and the clear highlight of the EP. The remaining tunes, while solid, don’t pack quite the same wallop. Opener “Don’t Let Me Down” is a keeper, as are “Flirting With Reality” and “Time for Change,” making me eager to hear more from this talented Aussie. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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