Blindness turn up the volume on their ‘Wrapped in Plastic’ debut

Blindness‘Wrapped in Plastic’
Blindness (Saint Marie)
3.5 stars out of 5

Though “Wrapped in Plastic” is the debut album from British rock trio Blindness, the band has been fine-tuning their sound for the better part of a decade. Comprised of Beth Rittig, Emma Quick and Debbie Smith, Blindness forge a sound that pays tribute to the 1990s with its elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, industrial and grunge.

Blindness CDBlindness have carved out a nice reputation as a blistering live act in the United Kingdom and look to expand their musical sphere of influence to the United States with the release of this hard-driving nine-track, 35-minute slab. If you dug Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey and/or My Bloody Valentine back in the day, chances are good you’ll be on board with Blindness as well.

Bruising opener “Serves Me Right” sets the tone for “Wrapped in Plastic,” and the ladies continue to impress with “Last One Dies,” “No One Counts,” “Broken” and “Confessions.” Blindness are confidently aggressive and plenty loud — which often is just what the doctor ordered. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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