Goth-tinged outfit Grave Babies deliver ‘Holographic Violence’

Grave Babies‘Holographic Violence’
Grave Babies (Hardly Art)
3.5 stars out of 5

As the main creative force behind goth-themed outfit Grave Babies, Danny Wahlfeldt was responsible for pretty much everything you heard on the ban’s 2009 “Deathface” debut and 2013’s “Crusher” sophomore release

Grave Babies CDFor album No. 3, the solid “Holographic Violence,” Grave Babies have moved beyond the lo-fi basement recordings and expanded the roster to include Bryce Brown on bass, Mark Gajadhar on drums and Claire Haranda on keyboards.

“I wanted it to be a last cry for sanity going into our dystopian future,” Wahlfeldt says of the 11-track, 40-minute platter.

The sinister sonic elements remain on “Holographic Violence,” but the expanded sound serves the band well. You’ll know pretty quickly whether Grave Babies are your cup of tea. “Eternal (On & On)” and “Beautiful Lie” set the dark tone for what’s to come and Wahlfeldt & Co. continue in that vein on standouts “Something Awful,” “Pain Iz Pleasure,” “Positive Aggression” and “Concrete Cell.”

While I’m not completely on board with what Grave Babies are doing, I think this is a record that’s worth exploring. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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