The Dustbowl Revival shine bright on ‘With a Lampshade On’

Dustbowl‘With a Lampshade On’
The Dustbowl Revival (Signature Sound)
4.5 stars out of 5

Los Angeles-based collective The Dustbowl Revival have been called a roots orchestra, with eight full-time members that blend the sounds of traditional American music into a rollicking sound all their own. “With a Lampshade On” is their fourth full-length album and finds The Dustbowl Revival clicking on all cylinders over the course of 64 magical minutes.

Dustbowl CDThere is a nice mix of live and studio recordings on the 14-track release that has me convinced that as good as the outfit sounds on record, they’re even more spellbinding in person. It’s easy to see how The Dustbowl Revival have built a reputation as a first-rate concert performer in recent years with slots at major festivals and touring in support of the likes of Lake Street Dive and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

The album kicks off with a bluegrass feel in “Lampshade On” and The Dustbowl Revival continue to impress with “Hey Baby,’ “Standing Net to Me,” “Ballad of the Bellhop,” “Cherokee Shuffle,” “Doubling Down on You,” “Drop in the Bucket” and set closer “Whiskey in the Well.” It’s a testament to their abilities that the momentum never wanes even after the record scoots past the one-hour mark. Do yourself a favor and get to know this talented collective. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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