Veteran Jon Pousette-Dart still going strong with solid ‘Talk’

Jon Pousette-Dart musician portrait for album

Jon Pousette-Dart (Little Big Deal)
3.5 stars out of 5

After experiencing success some four decades ago during the soft rock movement that spawned artists like The Eagles, Jackson Browne and America, singer/songwriter Jon Pousette-Dart has enjoyed a career renaissance of sorts in the new millennium. “Talk” is his fifth solo release since 2002 and represents a step up from 2011’s so-so “Anti-Gravity.”

Jon Pousette-Dart CD“I want to tell stories that reflect ideals that don’t just go and change with the moment,” Pousette-Dart explains. “I am extremely fortunate to be in this rollercoaster business after all these years. I hope these tracks stand the test of time.”

Pousette-Dart remains in great voice and he lures listeners right in with the opening tandem of “Let’s Talk About It” and “I Want to Mean Something.” He also delivers the goods on “Remember How to Fall,” “The Story of My Life,” “Amnesia” and “County Line.” This isn’t a record that figures to spawn any hit singles, but it’s a first-rate addition to the Pousette-Dart discography. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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