Joy Division’s ‘Substance’ compilation gets deluxe reissue

Picture By: Paul Slattery / Retna Pictures - Picture Shows: Portrait of Manchester band Joy Division photographed around Waterloo Road, Stockport, near Strawberry Studios. The band are Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards), Stephen Morris (drums and percussion), Ian Curtis (vocals and occasional guitar), Peter Hook (bass guitar and backing vocals). 28th July 1979. Its the 30th anniversary since Joy Division singer Ian Curtis committed suicide on May 18, 1980. - Job: 86474 Ref: PTY - World Rights *Unbylined uses will incur an additional discretionary fee!* **HIGHER RATES APPLY *

(Photo by Paul Slattery)

Joy Division (Rhino)
4 stars out of 5

It’s been 35 years since Joy Division’s promising career effectively came to a halt with the suicide of troubled frontman Ian Curtis at the age of 23. The band released two now-classic albums prior to his death — 1979’s “Unknown Pleasure” and 1980’s “Closer” — but Joy Division soon were no more.

Joy Division CDThe surviving members went on to form New Order, but OK’d a pair of Joy Division compilation albums (1981’s “Still” and 1988’s “Substance”) comprised of non-album singles, unreleased studio tracks and live recordings. The latter gets an expanded reissue courtesy of the fine folks at Rhino.

In addition to the original version’s 17 tunes, there are two new tracks that make it worth the upgrade. “Substance” is a notch (or two) below “Unknown Pleasure” and “Closer,” but songs like “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Leaders of Men,” “She’s Lost Control,” “Dead Souls,” “Glass” and “Novelty” are excellent and hold up remarkably well. The new tunes are the excellent “As You Said” and the Pennine version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

We’ll never know how great Joy Division could have been had Curtis not taken his life. But “Substance” reminds us how great they were. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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