Cello rockers Rasputina serve up latest album ‘Unknown’

Rasputina (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Two decades after forming cello-based indie rock trio Rasputina, Melora Creager is still at it. There have been several lineup changes over the years — Creager is currently joined in Rasputina by Luis Mojica and Carpella Parvo — but Creager has remained true to her steampunk vision. And latest full-length album “Unknown” is no exception.

Rasputina CD“‘Unknown’ is 14 new songs recorded alone in a dank basement studio,” Creager notes. “I quite liked it though, that dank basement studio. I didn’t feel at all alone. Using only one microphone, the whole album poured out of me in just three weeks — writing, recording, the whole thing.”

As ever, Rasputina are a somewhat acquired taste. Don’t turn to Creager & Co. for traditional song structures, catchy melodies and hooks. That said, patient (and adventurous) listeners figure to find plenty of things to appreciate about the slightly overstuffed 52-minute slab that overstays its welcome by about a third.

Among the stronger entries here are the one-two opening salvo of “Curse Tablet” and “Pastoral Noir,” and Rasputina later score with “Bridget Manners,” “Emily Dickinson’s Trophy Envelope,” “Psychopathic Logic” and “Hymn of the Wormwood Women.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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