Third Eye Blind return after six years with ‘Dopamine’ LP

Third EYe‘Dopamine’
Third Eye Blind (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

San Francisco-based rockers Third Eye Blind exploded out of the gate in 1997 when debut single “Semi-Charmed Life” became a massive radio hit. They’ve continued to make quality music over the years, but have yet to ascend to those lofty heights again.

Third Eye CDThe lads are back it with fifth album “Dopamine,” the first Third Eye Blind offering since 2009’s better-than-expected “Ursa Major.” It’s a solid entry on the band’s discography and figures to please their longtime fans. As ever, frontman Stephan Jenkins is front and center and he lays his soul especially bare on this confessional 12-track release.

There aren’t any “Semi-Charmed Life”-type hits here, but Third Eye Blind deliver the goods on “Everything Is Easy,” the title track, “Rites of Passage,” “Get Me Out of Here,” “All These Things” and “Say It.” Currently touring with Dashboard Confessional (they played Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar last month), Jenkins & Co. show no signs of slowing down. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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