Vinyl Williams expands his sound with sophomore album ‘Into’

Vinyl Williams (Company)
3 stars out of 5

As the grandson of renowned film composer John Williams, 25-year-old Los Angeleno Lionel Williams has an impressive musical pedigree. Recording under the Vinyl Williams moniker, he generated some buzz in indie circles with 2012 debut album “Lemniscate.” It was a lo-fi collection of improvised bedroom recordings that earned him comparisons to Deerhunter and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.

Vinyl CDFor sophomore platter “Into,” Williams has left behind the lo-fi production. The (slightly overstuffed) 14-track, 57-minute collection blends ambient, electronic, Krautrock and shoegaze influences into a series of shimmering dream pop melodies. It’s not an especially exciting record — and be warned that your attention may start to wander as the album closes in on the hour mark — but there are a handful of fascinating moments to be found on “Into.”

Among the highlights here are “Space Age Utopia,” “World Soul,” dynamic instrumental “The Tears of an Inanimate Object,” “Greatest Lives,” “Eter-Wave-Agreement” and 10-minute closer “Xol Rumi.” Had Williams trimmed a few songs from the final product — “Iguana City” and “Zero Wonder” wouldn’t have been missed — the results might have been even better. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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