Veruca Salt reunite for fantastic new album ‘Ghost Notes’

Veruca Salt‘Ghost Notes’
Veruca Salt (El Camino)
3.5 stars out of 5

Veruca Salt were one of the most interesting bands of the mid-’90s, peaking with their awesome second record “Eight Arms to Hold You.” But then it all dissolved. Band members jumped ship, including co-vocalist and guitarist Nina Gordon, and what-could-have-been potential turned into what-happened disappointment.

Veruca Salt CDNearly two decades later, Gordon and Louise Post mended fences, and the original lineup got back together to record their return, the cathartic, warts-out fifth album “Ghost Notes.” The band doesn’t sound like they missed a beat at all, as these 14 songs are packed with their dual-harmony, punchy rock bravado, with a dose of healing to boot.

Generally I’d worry 14 songs are too many, but really, this whole thing works from great opener “The Gospel According to Saint Me”; to scar-revelations “Black and Blonde,” “I’m Telling You Now,” and killer “The Museum of Broken Relationships”; to the texture-rich, 6-minute closer “Alternica.” Luckily this band didn’t burn their bridges, because Veruca Salt have a lot left to give. (Brian Krasman)


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