Terrible Terrible overcome bad start to ‘Get the New Computer’

(Photo by Emily Dzuback)

(Photo by Emily Dzuback)

‘Get the New Computer’
Terrible Terrible (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

Brooklyn-based indie quintet Terrible Terrible generated some buzz for their 2014 debut EP “Fail Better” so I was optimistic to hear what the guys would come up with for latest short-player “Get the New Computer.” After all, Terrible Terrible already are being mentioned in the same breath as indie darlings Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Tame Impala and Local Natives.

Terrible Terrible CDWhile those comparisons are WAY premature, there is some real promise with this young band. Just be advised you’ll have to endure a flat-out terrible opening (no pun intended!) to get to something worth sinking your teeth into on “Get the New Computer.” The four-track EP kicks off with the mostly instrumental mess of a title track. I found it grating and annoying and was primed to write off the entire slab when Terrible Terrible redeemed themselves with “Dog Days.”

Thankfully the remaining two cuts —” Between a Breath” and “”Tasting the Marrow” — are synth-fueled delights, and pull “Get the New Computer” to the positive side of the ledger. But please feel free to skip that title track. You’ve been warned. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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