Failure make welcome return with ‘The Heart Is a Monster’

Failure‘The Heart Is a Monster’
Failure (INgrooves)
3.5 stars out of 5

With a new Veruca Salt record in our pocket, and a great return from Faith No More a couple of months back, bands that peaked in the ’90s are proving they still have plenty of fuel in the tank. Take Failure, for example. Their spacey, rubbery rock (not quite metal, but they’ve been a huge influence on a number of bands in that genre) made their landmark 1996 cult classic “Fantastic Planet.”

Failure CDAfter myriad issue tore the band apart after “Planet,” most assumed Failure dead. But they started playing again a few years ago and now have the strong, 18-cut “The Heart Is a Monster” to prove they maintain their muscle. The songs are sinewy, spacey, fun to hear, and a natural progression from “Planet,” and there are many high spots including driving “Hot Traveler,” foggy “Counterfeit Sky,” and mesmerizing “Mulholland Dr.”

Great to have Failure back in our stratosphere, one of those bands that had more of an influence on what you’re hearing now than you ever knew. (Brian Krasman)


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