Evan Caminiti creates expansive sonic world on ‘Meridian’

(Photo by Lisa McGee)

(Photo by Lisa McGee)

Evan Caminiti (Thrill Jockey)
4 stars out of 5

Evan Caminiti’s music, whether on his own or with Barn Owl, is designed to take you somewhere. Into the stars, into undiscovered areas of your mind, but somewhere. On his latest solo effort “Meridian,” he immerses himself in synth, ambiance, and electrical charges to create yet another new, expansive world for his listeners.

Evan Caminiti CDThe best time to experience Caminiti’s music, especially with this record, is late at night, alone, when you can absorb his spacey wonder, and you’ll find plenty of material to transport you on awesome “Curtains,” exploratory “Arc,” and dream-inducing “Signal” that will make all of your limbs go numb. (Brian Krasman)


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