Aussie rockers Datura4 stomp their way through ‘Demon Blues’

Datura4‘Demon Blues’
Datura4 (Alive Naturalsound)
3.5 stars out of 5

Out of Western Australia comes the stomping psych-blues of Datura4 and their debut album “Demon Blues.” This may the band’s first album together, but the four members have spent plenty of time in other outfits over the years.

Datura4 CDDom Mariani (guitar, vocals) once led Aussie bands The Stems and DM3, while Greg Hitchcock (guitar, vocals) spent time in You Am I and New Christs. The Datura4 lineup is rounded out by drummer Warren Hall and bassist Stu Loasby.

The songs on “Demon Blues” are loud and raunchy and raw and make for a compelling listen. With 11 tracks unspooling over 53 minutes, the album is a tad overstuffed, but Datura4 impress on standouts “Out With the Tide,’ “You Ain’t No Friend of Mine,” the title track, “Pissing Up the Wall” and personal favorite “Gravedigger Man.” Rock on, mates. (Jeffrey Sisk)



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