Ezra Furman has another winner in ‘Perpetual Motion People’

Ezra‘Perpetual Motion People’
Ezra Furman (Bella Union)
4 stars out of 5

Few artists in recent memory have made as good a first impression on me as Ezra Furman. After cutting his teeth fronting terrific indie outfit Ezra Furman & The Harpoons, Furman launched a solo career in impressive fashion in 2013 with a pair of killer albums in “The Year of No Returning” and “Day of the Dog.” Happily, Furman is back at it — and better than ever — on latest slab “Perpetual Motion People.”

Ezra CDRecorded with new band The Boyfriends, “Perpetual Motion People” is an eclectic gathering of 13 tunes that find Furman dabbling in everything from doo-wop to pop/punk to country blues. That variety is most definitely by design.

“There’s rarely been a scene that I’ve wanted to be part of,” Furman explains. “I’m just not hearing other stuff out there that I wish existed, so that’s my goal, to do it myself. I don’t want to be too cocky about it. Fame comes and goes. I still have the same job, to make something really good.”

And that’s just what he’s done on the new album. From the opening notes of “Restless Year” to the closing strains of “One Day I Will Sin No More,” Furman is clicking on all cylinders. Additional keepers include “Hark! To the Music,” “Haunted Head,” “Ordinary Life,” “Watch You Go By” and “Can I Sleep in Your Brain.” It’s high time you got to know this talented performer. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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