Nicholas Altobelli impresses on ‘Searching Through That Minor Key’

Altobelli‘Searching Through That Minor Key’
Nicholas Altobelli (Dalton)
3.5 stars out of 5

Texas-based singer/songwriter Nicholas Altobelli continues his musical evolution on fourth full-length “Searching Through That Minor Key.” He came into his own with 2013 gem “Without a Home” and builds on that success with a 10-track platter that began life even before the last album came out.

Altobelli CD“I went (into the studio) with no plans to make another album,” Altobelli says. “I just wanted to haord as many songs as I could for my song vault and release them many years later, if at all.”

The album sat unfinished for more than a year as Altobelli’s marriage crumbled and he went on to record an EP, “Mesocyclone,” that generated some of the best reviews of his career. After debating whether to scrap this bunch of songs, Altobelli (thankfully) decided to finish “Searching Through That Minor Key.”

It’s a more optimistic song cycle than usual from Altobelli, and it showcases a different side to him as a writer and performer. The lid-lifting title track is flat-out terrific, and Altobelli also scores with “Dogwood,” “Painted Aeroplanes,” “In Your Arms,” “Alabaster” and “Pile of Leaves.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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