Instrumental outfit Big Lazy return with ‘Don’t Cross Myrtle’

Big Lazy‘Don’t Cross Myrtle’
Big Lazy (Tasankee)
3.5 stars out of 5

It’s been almost a decade since we last heard from Big Apple-based instrumental trio Big Lazy, who are back at long last with fifth full-length album “Don’t Cross Myrtle.” Bandleader Stephen Ulrich has been pursuing other interests since 2007 release “Postcards From X,” including composing scores for film and television, but makes a welcome return here.

Big Lazy CDThe current Big Lazy lineup includes Ulrich (guitar),Yuval Lion (drums) and Andrew Hall (bass). The reconfigured trio has established some impressive chemistry and the 11-track, 39-minute album figures to entertain even those who normally don’t enjoy instrumental music.

Big Lazy set the tone for what’s to come with the opening tandem of “Minor Problem” and “Unswerving,” and later deliver the goods on standouts “Black Sheep,” “Avenue X,” “Swampesque,” “Bring Me the Head of Lee Marvin” and the title track. Here’s hoping Big Lazy won’t stay away so long before gracing us with the next set of recordings. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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