Former ‘AGT’ winner Michael Grimm delivers latest LP ‘Grimm’

Michael Grimm‘Grimm’
Michael Grimm (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

I didn’t tune in to NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” until Howard Stern became a judge in 2012 at the start of Season 7. As such, I had no idea who Season 5 winner Michael Grimm was until latest album “Grimm” came across my desk a few weeks back. Amazingly it’s Grimm’s 10th album and he ran a success fan-funded Kickstarter campaign to get the 12-track release recorded.

Michael Grimm CD“This album has been in the works for many years,” Grimm explains. “Most of the songs you will hear on this album were written by Kevin Hunter and myself. Eight months went into working on the music production and album artwork, and I’m extremely proud. We couldn’t have done this without the fans.”

“Grimm” is a perfectly serviceable album from a perfectly serviceable — if not especially memorable — singer/songwriter. Grimm’s voice has a nice Southern blues rasp but I’m not it’s enough to set the 35-year-old apart from the pack. Lead single “Generation Next” is a keeper, as are “The Tide,” “Lonely,” “Tragic Figures” and “1982.” This one’s worth a couple spins. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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