Straight Line Stitch crank up the volume on ‘Transparency’ EP

Straight Line‘Transparency’
Straight Line Stitch (Pavement)
3.5 stars out of 5

Everything snapped into place for Tennessee-based heavy metal outfit Straight Line Stitch in 2003 when they added singer Alexis Brown to the mix. Her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence has helped Straight Line Stitch make a steady climb up the career ladder.

Straight Line CDLatest effort “Transparency” features more of what the band’s fans have come to expect from SLS. The six-track EP has plenty of blistering guitar riffs and teeth-rattling drum work, along with Brown’s versatile work at the microphone. She can go from oozing sincerity with heartfelt vocals to raising the hair on the back of your arms with emotion-fueled howls at the drop of a hat.

Straight Line Stitch waste no effort on the efficient 22-minute release. Standouts include “Dark Matter,” “Face of God” and “Wilderness,” with “Out of Body” and “Human Bondage” slightly less effective. “Transparency” is a record that should be played as loud as possible for maximum stress-relieving effectiveness. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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