Love Amongst Ruin shine on sophomore slab ‘Lose Your Way’

Love Amongst Ruin‘Lose Your Way’
Love Amongst Ruin (Ancient B)
3.5 stars out of 5

Steve Hewitt had spent more than a decade behind the drum kit for acclaimed Britpop outfit Placebo when he was unceremoniously let go in 2007. After spending some time licking his wounds, Hewitt cobbled together a new band in metal-leaning pop/rock outfit Love Amongst Ruin. Their 2010 self-titled debut earned praise from the critics and Hewitt is back at it with sophomore slab “Lose Your Way.”

Love Amongst Ruin CDThe album has been five years in the making due in large part to Hewitt’s frequent forays into other bands. After wrapping up the writing process in March 2012, Hewitt spent time in French band Lys and a year with Six By Seven before returning to “Lose Your Way.”

“I’m all over the shop, like a rash,” Hewitt quips. “Twenty odd years of being in bands, if you haven’t learnt anything by then there’s something wrong. It’s nice to do something different, it’s a challenge.”

There’s a harder edge to the 10-track release, with Love Amongst Ruin especially effective on the title track, “Modern War Song,” fuzzed-out gem “Swan Killer,” personal favorite “So Close” and “Menace Ballad.” Ironically enough, Hewitt is making better music than his old bandmates these days. Go figure. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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