NYC club fixtures Video Beast deliver full-length debut ‘Gooch’

Video Beast‘Gooch’
Video Beast (self-released)
3 stars out of 5

Fixtures on the New York City club scene, psychedelic/post-punk trio Video Beast look to expand their sphere of influence with the release of full-length debut “Gooch.” The 10-song release aims to shine a light on the filth and corruption of modern society, as seen through the eyes of Fabian Jimenez (guitar/lead vocals), Felix Gotts (bass) and Dave Weinstein (drums).

Video Beast CD“Some folks may feel uncomfortable listening to ‘Gooch,’” Jimenez concedes. “But that’s OK. I hope listeners will reflect on the lyrics and maybe learn a thing or two about themselves and the world we are living in. The songs aren’t personally about me. Instead, they are the result of my personal observations, characters and environments I’ve come across.”

Even at a manageable 40 minutes, “Gooch” seems to overstay its welcome by about a third. Songs like “Bangalore,” “Chimp Strength,” “Buzzcuca,” personal favorite “Rat Parade” and “Tropical Fantasy” merit multiple listens but a little Video Beast goes a long, long way. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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