Matt Pond PA extend winning streak with ‘The State of Gold’ LP

Matt Pond‘The State of Gold’
Matt Pond PA (Doghouse)
3.5 stars out of 5

For the better part of two decades, Matt Pond PA have been one of the most prolific indie bands around. They have nine full-lengths to their credit and even more EPs, and continue to churn out enjoyable music on latest release “The State of Gold.”

Matt Pond CDFrontman Matt Pond had been going through a serious case of writer’s block in January 2014 when inspiration finally struck.

“I was in love and I was where I wanted to be,” Pond recalls. “I wrote (lead track) ‘More No More’ … (and) the rest of the songs started flooding in throughout the spring. ‘Take Me With You,’ ‘Emptiness’ and ‘Four Eyes’ were answers to questions I didn’t know how to ask. Through the summer and fall, the deluge continued until its ultimate end and answer, ‘The State of Gold.’”

Those are some of the better entries on the 13-track, 48-minute platter, with Matt Pond PA also impressing on “The Starting Line,” “Don’t Look Down” and “Have to Know.” After so many years in the business, it’s nice to know we can still count on Pond to get the job done. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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