Canadian singer/songwriter Jeen impresses on her ‘Tourist’ debut

Jeen (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Anyone who still longs for the indie rock heyday of the 1990s — and there plenty of you out there, I know — needs to make sure Toronto native Jeen O’Brien is on your musical radar. Her “Tourist” debut dropped on her native Canada almost a year ago, but is getting a deluxe reissue in North America and Europe with four additional tracks.

Jeen CDIn recent years, O’Brien has been handling vocals for Cookie Duster, a band put together by Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, and she shined on that outfit’s 2012 offering “When Flying Was Easy.” As a solo performer, however, Jeen really comes into her own on this eclectic 16-track release.

There aren’t any out-and-out clunkers on “Tourist” — though “Sad Boy” and “Hole in My Heart” wouldn’t have been missed — and Jeen soars highest on standouts “Buena Vista,” “NY Island,” “Summertime,” “Higher and Higher” and “All My Life.” Keep your eye on this talented Canuck. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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