Prinzhorn Dance School make strides with ‘Home Economics’

prinzhorn‘Home Economics’
Prinzhorn Dance School (DFA)
3.5 stars out of 5

British post-punk duo Prinzhorn Dance School have grown on me over the years. I was not a big fan of their 2007 self-titled debut, but found some things to appreciate on 2012 sophomore set “Clay Class.” While I’m still not completely sold on the music of Tobin Prinz (guitar/vocals) and Suzi Horn (bass/drums/vocals), I think third effort “Home Economics” is their best yet.

prinzhorn CDPrinzhorn Dance School wisely trimmed the musical fat from this streamlined six-track offering, which whisks by in a manageable 23 minutes. Prinz and Horn still opt for a minimalist approach, which might be off-putting to some listeners, but it works here.

The opening salvo of “Reign” and “Battlefield” set the tone for “Home Economics” and I’m pretty sure you’ll know whether PDS are the band for you pretty quickly. After stumbling slightly on “Clean” and “Haggle,” the twosome bounces back with “Education” and set highlight “Let Me Go.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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