Indie poppers Yukon Blonde enjoy themselves ‘On Blonde’

Yukon Blonde‘On Blonde’
Yukon Blonde (Dine Alone)
3.5 stars out of 5

Fun-loving Canadian outfit Yukon Blonde have spent the past few years making a name for themselves on the indie pop scene, delivering a pair of winning albums in 2010’s self-titled debut and 2012’s even-better sophomore slab “Tiger Talk.” The quintet serves up more of the same — this time with a healthy heaping of synth-soaked melodies — on third album “On Blonde.”

Yukon Blonde CD“It’s a more dynamic and more visceral album than our previous records,” explains Yukon Blonde frontman Jeff Innes. “We were more ambitious writing ‘On Blonde’ so it’s sort of ironic that in experimenting we created a more accessible record than ever before.”

That accessibility is readily apparent from the outset, as Yukon Blonde capture your fancy with “Confused” and “Make U Mine.” Additional standouts on the 10-track, 41-minute platter include “I Wanna Be Your Man,” “You Broke the Law,” “Favourite People” and “Jezebel.” If you haven’t yet submitted to the charms of Yukon Blonde, here’s your chance to do so. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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